Meek Mill Denies Beating Up Quentin Miller [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 27, 2016

Meek Mill denies laying a hand on Drake’s alleged ghostwriter.

Just a day after Quentin Miller claimed Mill and his crew beat him up at a Nike store in Beverly Hills, the Philly rapper is calling him a liar. Sources told TMZ that Mill said that there’s no security footage of the altercation that allegedly took place in the Beverly Hills district.

Mill believes Drake orchestrated the move to attack him while he’s on house arrest. He began serving his house arrest at the beginning of March. A judge will reevaluate the case in 60 days. It’s unclear if and how this incident will affect that ruling.

Miller said in an interview with DJ Vlad that he was ambushed by Mill and his crew and “shed blood in the Nike store on Wilshire.”

“They caught me… We was walking, we was in L.A., I was walking to the Nike store and he approached me,” Miller explained. “And this was really my first time talking with Meek and basically he told me he ain’t appreciate the letter I dropped and it made him seem like he was a liar and what not. And they fucking stole off on me in the Nike store and ran. I shed blood in the Nike store on Wilshire.”

Watch Miller’s interview below.


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