Meagan Good and Fiance Waiting For Wedding Night to Have Sex

Rucuss staffMay 24, 2012

Actress Meagan Good made a bold statement a few years ago.

Her friends laughed at her and didn’t think she could do it. But Good was serious. She vowed that her next serious relationship would end in marriage. She even took it a step further and said she would remain celibate until marriage.

Now Fast forward a few years, Good is engaged to DeVon Franklin, who is a pastor as well as a VP at Columbia Records. Good revealed to Life & Style magazine that she has stuck to her guns.

“Our wedding night will be the first time we’re actually together,” said Meagan Good to Life & Style about remaining celibate.

The Californication star reveals that she knew Franklin was the one when he agreed to remain celibate with her for a year. Good gushed that he was the one,“Because he was willing to be celibate with me for a year. He loves God, more than I love God, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong [with him].”

Good also gave a few details about their upcoming nuptials to the magazine.

“We found the venue, which I’m really excited about, and it’s going to be in Malibu,” she said. “I know I want to go for a bayou-themed kind of Spanish mosque, a very enchanted-y Twilight feel.”

This is not the first time Good revealed that she was celibate. Good sat down with RollingOut and explained her decision to be celibate. She told Rolling Out in April:

“It’s interesting that I said months ago that I know that the next man that I get into a serious relationship [with] is going to be my husband. I also said that, from here on out I am going to be completely celibate and people laughed at me. They said, “yeah right, she can’t do that … who is she trying to fool?” So it was hurtful that so many people mocked me, based on opinions of people that have never met me a day in their life because they didn’t believe that’s who I really was. So I do think that the evolution in my life will change people’s opinions of me … but even if it doesn’t, I’m OK with that. I don’t live for them; I live for God, and for the people that God has placed in my life. Everything else is just a [distraction], and I’m not going to be distracted.”

Earlier this year, Good explained to Global Grind:

“I was crying about so much at the time that God told me exactly what it was going to be and he told me that the next relationship that I got into was going to be “the” relationship. God told me specifically what the criteria was with the man I was going to marry and he told me to not settle. So I would meet guys who are Christians or loved the Lord, but they weren’t trying with all their heart to walk with him. And I wouldn’t feel in myself that was the guy, so even if I liked him or was attracted to him I would say, OK I’m not going to settle.”

Then shortly after that I became celibate. I said, ‘Alright Lord, let’s see what you have for me. Oddly enough, Devon and I had known each other for six years and [Jumping The Broom] wrapped nine months before we even dated. During a couple of those months before, it started getting in my spirit that he was going to be my husband and he didn’t even know.”

I came and did this thing in his church where I talked about my testimony. I already told my godsister in the car on the way over there. Oh, he’s my husband I know that. And we didn’t start dating till three months after that.”


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