Matt Barnes Breaks His Silence, Says Gloria Cheated With His Friend

Rucuss staffNovember 24, 2011

Matt Barnes is tired of being labeled the bad guy.

The Los Angeles Lakers star has had enough with the rumors over the break-up with Gloria Govan. He’s ready to tell his side of the story. Barnes, who is rumored to be dating Eva Longoria, posted a detailed message on Twitter about the split with his ex-fiance.

Barnes wrote:

In May Gloria & I decided to separate & in the best interest of her  career, I foolishly agreed to portray that we were still together.  For her  upcoming season of her show on VH1. As recently as August we decided to revisit a joint statement of our separation, but Gloria asked to delay making our separation public for the interest of her show. It is ironic now how Gloria is trying to manipulate the professional relationship between Eva Longoria & myself as the sole reason for our separation, when she knows we split up in May.

The reason why I broke my silence a month ago was because of the on going “affair” she was having with a now former FRIEND of mine. Again, I wish Gloria nothing but the best, & I will continue to keep  our beautiful children as my first priority.. Thank you

This comes as a big surprise to some, but not to the folks over at Baller Alert. An anonymous reader submitted an email to Baller Alert about an alleged affair between Gloria and The Game a month ago. The reader submitted:

“The Game is on tour and it stopped in [my city] this past Sunday. I ran into The Game at the strip club. We were in VIP so obviously I wanted to ask him  about Gloria. He was clearly drunk so I just asked ‘Is it true you fucked Gloria  from Basketball Wives?’… He just laughed and then nodded. Yep, so the rumor is  TRUE!!!”

The Game even named dropped Gloria in his song “Good Girls Go Bad.”

I’m sittin here watchin’ Basketball  Wives
Like ugh, them is basketball wives?
Only cute one, Gloria, thats my  n*gga Matt Barnes chick
Can’t swim in that poon fool, thats a crucial conflict
Never sleep  with the wife of n*ggas you eat with”

Could The Game be the person who Barnes is speaking of? Is he the person who cast member Jackie Christie keeps referring to on Basketball Wives LA but his name keeps getting bleeped out?  We can’t wait to hear what Gloria has to say in response to Matt’s message. Oh, wait she’ already confessed she’s only had sex with Barnes on part 1 of the season finale. Hmmm…

We can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

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