Marlon Wayans And Lord Jamar Clown Each Other Over Omar Epps’ Skirt [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 11, 2014

Omar Epps caused quite a stir with his choice in wardrobe.

While appearing on The View to promote his new TV show Resurrection, Epps wore a leather skirt over black jeans. Sherri Shepherd brought up Epps’ wardrobe on the show, calling it “amazing.”

Many viewers opinions spilled over to social media. It even provoked a heated back-and-forth rant between Lord Jamar and Marlon Wayans. Lord Jamar made fun of Epps clothing while Wayans defended his choice.

Epps’ skirt led to the two men calling each other out of their names and bashing one another’s careers. Check Lord Jamar and Wayans Twitter exchange below.

Epps never chimed in to give his opinion. The Love & Basketball actor also wore the same outfit on ESPN’s First Take.


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