Manny Pacquiao’s Mom Puts Hex On Timothy Bradley [Video]

Rucuss staffApril 13, 2014

Manny Pacquiao’s mother was more entertaining than the fight.

It’s no secret that Paquiao’s mother, Dionesia, is a very religious woman. In fact, she appeared to use that religion in her favor on Saturday night. While watching the Pac-Man and Timothy Bradley fight ringside, it appeared Dionesia was placing a hex on her son’s opponent.

When cameras showed Dionesia during the middle rounds of the fight, she was holding a cross in her hand and reciting what appeared to be some sort of prayer while also pointing a finger towards the ring.

Manny Pacquiao mom

Regardless of whatever she was doing during the fight, it was nice to see Dionesia go up to Bradley and give him a hug after the fight.

In the end, Pacquiao won a unanimous decision in his rematch with Bradley, avenging his 2012 loss and claiming the WBO welterweight title.


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