Man Robs Two Banks and Becomes Stressed Out With Third Attempt, Calls Police on Himself!

Rucuss staffOctober 1, 2012

A Florida man gets the award for dumbest robber this week.

Although he was successful with robbing two banks in two days, when he showed up to repeat the crime a third time he got ‘stressed out.’ William Richard Kane III, 51, called police on himself to report that he needed to go back to rehab.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Kane told police he is a crack cocaine addict and had ‘fallen off the wagon.’ Kane was at a Wells Fargo branch when he called  police on Sept. 28. The 51-year old robbed a St. Petersburg’s First Bank on Sept. 26 and a Chase bank on the following day.

“He told dispatchers he wanted to go back to rehab,’ St Petersburg police spokesman Mike Puetz told the Times. ‘He’d fallen off the wagon.'”

Kane has been in prison twice in the last 20  years. Most of the charges for which he was  convicted were for robberies in St Petersburg. He was released most recently in 2008.

Kane was arrested on two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon. His bail was set at $100,000.


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