Man Claims To Be Prince’s Son, Going After Estate [Details]

Rucuss staffApril 29, 2016

A man has come forward with claims that he is Prince’s love child.

The 30-year old Minnesota native went to Heir Hunters in an effort to get help with proving he’s Prince’s son. He wants to inherit Prince’s $300 million estate. The Purple Rain singer died on April 21 at the age of 57. It was believed that he did not have any children or a will.

People reports a hearing was held Wednesday morning and a Minnesota judge approved Bremer Bank, the institution Prince trusted with his finances over the years, to move forward with handling his estate both personal and financial business.

Bremer Trust has been tasked to “preserve the estate and to secure its proper administration until a general Personal Representative is appointed by the Registrar or by the Court. ” The Trust is also charged with locating his heirs, which include his sister Tyka Nelson and five half-siblings.

But Prince’s alleged love child hopes to be included in the list of heirs.

DailyMail reports:

The ‘love-child’, a man in his 30s and from Prince’s home state of Minnesota, is believed to be the product of a fling the Purple Rain singer had with an as yet unknown woman in the mid-80s.

This comes as the singer’s sister Tyka Nelson filed paperwork Tuesday in a Minneapolis court saying Prince has no known will and requesting to be appointed executor of his estate.

The Heir Hunters International team is now working around the clock on the genealogy of the alleged ‘love-child’ to establish a firm connection with Prince.

Once the investigators are happy that the heir is genuine on paper they can demand a DNA test and submit a legal claim against Prince’s estate.

John Hilbert, partner in Heir Hunters International based in Los Angeles, also told Daily Mail Online of a SECOND potential heir who has come forward with another seemingly ‘legitimate’ claim.

This individual claims to be offspring of Prince’s father, John Nelson.

Mr Nelson, better known as jazz musician Prince Rogers, died on August 25, 2001, aged 85.

Any sibling – full or half – of Prince stands to inherit millions of dollars under Minnesota law – providing no child of the star is found – and all ‘legitimate’ claims will be thoroughly investigated.

Mr Hilbert said the firm’s phones have been red hot since the 57-year-old superstar died at his Paisley Park home in Minneapolis a week ago.

Prince’s  ex-wfe Mayte Garcia gave birth to a son, Boy Gregory Nelson, a month prematurely on October 16, 1996. Tragically, their son died a week later. Boy Gregory had Pfeiffer syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that prevents the skull from growing naturally. Garcia also had a miscarriage later.


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