Malik Yoba Tells Columnist to Suck His D-ck After She Makes Fun of His Lips! [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 5, 2013

Actor Malik Yoba is not one to mess with.

Regardless if you’re a man or woman. You make fun of Yoba and he’s coming for you. Just ask Star Tribune gossip columnist and FOX 9 contributor C.J. She made a sly comment about Yoba’s lips being dry on Twitter and she got a response that she wasn’t expecting.

C.J. tweeted, “Everybody say baby oil. Would somebody PLEASE say that to the lips of Malik Yoba?” The Why Did I Get Married star responded,”since you keep talking about my lips why don’t you put yours around my d*ck.” Ouch!

Check out the Twitter exchange below.

Yoba, later, deleted his tweets but remained unapologetic.

Photo via BET

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