Malaysia Pargo Creates Wedding Ring That Imprints ‘Married’ on Finger [Photos]

Rucuss staffOctober 2, 2012

Basketball Wives LA star Malaysia Pargo has added additional pieces to her Three Beats jewelry line.

And the latest piece is a doozy. Pargo and her partner Jason of Beverly Hills has created a way to make sure that everyone knows your husband is married even if he takes off his wedding ring. The two created a wedding band that brands ‘married’ on your finger.

Pargo unveiled the ring on Twitter. She tweeted the photo below with the caption, “If your mate asked u to wear this special band I designed, would u do it? When you remove it, leaves “MARRIED” imprint.”

When Pargo was asked if her husband Jannero Pargo wears one she tweeted,”He’s mine and ain’t going anywhere but, YES, that’s his finger in picture.”

Pargo and Jason launched Three Beats luxury jewelry line in November of 2011. It was inspired by her three children and was exclusively for kids. The line featured necklaces with charms of strawberries for girls and game consoles for boys. But the two relaunched the collection for adults.

Basketball Wives LA: Malaysia Pargo Launches Three Beats Jewelry Line In Chicago [Photos]

If you’re interested in buying the ring please contact Jason of Beverly Hills at (310)  385-3970.


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