Lyfe Jennings Out of Prison and in Studio With Carl Thomas [Video]

Rucuss staffMarch 13, 2012

Lyfe Jennings had a huge blow to his music career a couple of years ago.

Jennings was sentenced to three years in prison after shooting up his baby mama’s house in an Atlanta suburb in 1998. Well, Lyfe got a break and was released early from his prison stint that began in 2010. Now, he’s back in the studio with recording artist Carl Thomas.

Lyfe recorded an impromptu video with Thomas in the studio. He didn’t say much but cracked a few jokes on Thomas’ video equipment.

“It’s going to feel real good to the fans for you to put your next project out,” Thomas said in the short video. “I’m looking forward to you actually getting back to the studio because I have some  things planned that I would like to do.”

Watch the impromptu video below.


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