Lyfe Jennings Calls Out K. Michelle For Not Wanting To Perform Before Him [Details]

Rucuss staffOctober 1, 2012

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star K. Michelle may be a reality star, but she hasn’t quite reached that level of success onstage.

K. Michelle has not produced a No. 1 hit single so she’s still being booked as an opening act for more successful singers. But K. Michelle’s ego maybe getting a little too big for her large britches. K. Michelle was booked to perform before Lyfe Jennings and Musiq Soulchild at the Straz Center on Sunday in Tampa, Florida. But she refused to go onstage because she didn’t like her placement.

Although she was booked to be the first major artist after several local acts performed, that wasn’t good enough for the reality star. Michelle didn’t want to perform before Jennings, the Singersroom reports.

There was a 45-minute delay in the show while promoters tried to convince K. Michlle to go onstage. Jennings eventually hit the stage and told the crowd that K. Michelle was backstage, but  didn’t want to come out for some reason.

“I am angry at Kimberly Michelle Pate (K Michelle),” a concertgoer said. “She was scheduled to  perform in my hometown Tampa, Florida along with Musiq Soulchild and Lyfe Jennings. In the promoters (Vybenation) contract she was to perform before Lyfe, but in her mind she felt as though she’s a “BIGGER” artist than him. So she threw a Diana Ross diva tantrum. Not only did she NOT perform and let her fans down, she blocked literally half of Tampa on twitter.

The disgruntled concertgoer added, “K also said that she only perform for sold out shows. She went on to say that the promoters didn’t do they’re job, which isn’t true. She got paid $5000. Now  my city is yelling  #WHOISKMICHELLE.”

Meanwhile, Jennings, who eased the crowd after there were boos because of K. Michelle’s absence, tweeted, “This @kmichelle is so funny. She don’t wanna go on before me???? Before Lyfe??? Its cool i wish u the best love… We kilt it!!! Shout out to @musicsoulchild for being a hell of a performer AND a hell of a individual…im a fan of the real…period.”

K Michelle tweeted,”I’ve never missed a show a day in my life. I would never stand my fans up period. I was told no by the promoters, he didn’t like my request.”

K. Michelle and Basketball Wives star Royce Reed have been friends since college and she was there to support the diva. The video below shows Reed telling Michelle, “So What! If you think they came for you, then they came for you. I know they came for you.”


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