Lupe Fiasco Disses Kid Cudi For Threatening Drake From Rehab [Details]

Rucuss staffOctober 30, 2016

Lupe Fiasco wasn’t feeling Kid Cudi’s comments about Drake.

So Fiasco decided to give his opinion on social media. Hours after Cudi called Drake a “pussy” on Twitter, Fiasco sent some shots his way.

“Man fuck that ni**a,” Fiasco wrote on Friday. “What part of ‘rehab’ is calling people pussies and asking for fades?! Rehab is checking your own problems not this shit.”

Fiasco’s comments come as no surprise to fans. The two have been at odds since last year when Cudi seemed to criticize Fiasco for selling personalized verses for fans online. Going on “Sway in the Morning” in January of last year, Fiasco offered a threat. “Cudi, let’s settle this,” he said. “Talk to me, before I fuck you up.”

When a fan asked why Cudi asked to fight Drake and not Lupe, Fiasco had a theory.

“Cuz security gonna break that up & it’s not gonna happen,” Fiasco wrote. “Security wasn’t gonna stop ours hahaha.”

Cudi, who has not responded to Fiasco yet, checked himself to rehab at the beginning of the month for depression and suicidal urges. He tweeted an update to fans.

“The love has been unfathomable,” Cudi wrote. “I look forward to hearing, breathing and feeling it all at ComplexCon Nov 5th. Love and back to rehab.”

Cudi and Drake’s beef stems from comments he made about the Canadian rapper last month. Cudi blasted Drake and Kanye West for using ghostwriters.

“Everyone thinks they’re soooo great. Talkin top 5 and be having 30 people write songs for them,” he tweeted. “My tweets apply to who they apply,” he added. “Ye, Drake, whoever. These ni**as dont give a fuck about me. And they aint fuckin with me.”

On “Two Birds, One Stone,” Drake dissed Cudi, rapping about his “hiatus,” and drug use.

“You were the Man on the Moon / Now you just go through your phases,” he rhymed. “Life of the angry and famous / Rap like I know I’m the greatest / Then give you tropical flavors / Still never been on hiatus / You stay xann’d and perk’d up / So when reality set in, you don’t gotta face it.”

The feud doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.


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