Love & Hip Hop Star Mimi Faust Ends Relationship With Nikko After He Tried to Hook Up With Karlie Redd [Video]

Rucuss staffJune 21, 2013

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Mimi Faust has ended her relationship with producer/artist Nikko.

Faust is single again because Nikko got to flirty with costar Karlie Redd. In an upcoming episode, Nikko flirts with Karlie at a party and asks for her number. Once Mimi heard about the incident things quickly went downhill. She confronted Nikko at his apartment.

“You’re trying to get with Karlie Redd”,” Mimi yells at Nikko. “I spoke to her today. You tryna get at her. You tryna get her number. You tryna contact her. You reaching out to hear this one, that one and the third one.”

Nikko laughs it off and Mimi eventually storms out of the apartment, but she returns after the producer yells, “So you don’t want to do a threesome with me, you and Karlie Redd?’

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Faust quickly returns and confronts Nikko. She comes within an inch of his face and yells, “Don’t f*cking play me you clown. You are a god dam clown you wack b*tch!”

This comes as no surprise to some of her friends/costars. K. Michelle has had her suspicions about Nikko, even going so far as calling him gay. Her friend Ariane questioned Nikko’s motives about their relationship. She wasn’t sure if he was just using her to help his music career.

Mimi addressed whether she thought Nikko was using her after Monday’s episode.

“I don’t think Nikko was using me,” Mimi said. “If you ask me everyone is an opportunist. Everyone in this world is an opportunist and if you’re not, then something may be wrong. I don’t think he was using me. He was trying to get  what he was trying do at the forefront and I don’t blame him. I would of done the same thing if I was him. Joseline was doing it to Stevie J. Everyone was doing it, so it is what it is.”

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This explains why Nikko has been seen all over Atlanta with a woman by the name of Kezia Eley. The two were first spotted at Chateau Elan in Atlanta in May. She will be featured on Get Rich Girls and she’s also developing a reality series called ”First Cousins.


Eley has been posted photos like crazy on Instagram of the two.


Watch Mimi and Nikko’s break up unfold below.

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