Love & Hip Hop: Lore’l Says Erica Mena Did Drugs Before Argument! [Details]

Rucuss staffJanuary 15, 2013

Love & Hip Hop New York star Erica Mena had a meltdown during Monday night’s episode.

After viewers were introduced to rapper Lore’l on the show, it appeared that Mena and the rapper were destined to become good friends. The two wanted to do a song together, but things quickly changed when Mena went off on Lore’l.

The argument began because Erica was mad at her boyfriend Rich Dollaz after she saw him flirting with costar Tahiry at the club. Erica wanted to leave after that and yelled at Dollaz that she was ready to go. Then Erica stormed out of the club while Lore’l was trying to calm her down.

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Rich and Erica start screaming on the street while she still has her drink in her hand. Then Erica and  Lore’l get into it. Lore’l told her, “What you gonna do? Kick him in the head like you did your baby father?” in reference to a video she saw of Erica flipping out on World Star Hip Hop.

Erica went off. Many viewers thought the explosion came out of no where.

Well, Lore’l has a reason for that. The rapper went on Twitter and said Mena allegedly went to the restroom and did drugs before the argument. Check out Lore’l tweets below.

Watch the argument below.

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If you missed Erica drop kicking her baby daddy watch below.


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