Love & Hip Hop: Somaya Reece Starts Twitter Riot After Absence From Show

Rucuss staffDecember 27, 2011

Love & Hip Hop star Somaya Reece has been noticeably absent from the last two episodes.

VH1 has opted to focus more attention on new cast member Teairra Marí and put Reece to the backburner. Unfornately for Somaya, she wasn’t informed that VH1 was going to exclude her from some episodes. Reece will only be on one more episode.

Reece sat down with and talked about her absence from the show and what she thinks about cast members. She revealed:

MommyDirtylittlesecret: What’s going on with you on Twitter?

Somaya: My fans are pissed and I’m starting a Twitter riot! I feel it’s my job to promote the show and also let my fans know I’m not gonna be on tonight’s episode AGAIN!  I didn’t think anyone noticed at first but they are pissed. Fans are writing VH1! I can’t give them answers and they want answers!

Why don’t we see you as much on Love and Hip Hop this season?

I was in the first few episodes. I have no idea what happened because I did have a lot of story to add yet I don’t see it on the show.  The fans made sure they bought me back! There was so much you didn’t see this season, my life is on fast forward right now with great stuff happening and they showed none of it. Like what happens with Swift, the album, the developing friendship with Chrissy, my rap single Eh Mama, my re-negotiation with Barry, my family issues, the image development, my signing with the top talent agency in Hollywood that I got by myself? What happened to all of  that?

How many more episodes will we see you in?

Love and Hip Hop is on episode 6 out of 10 but I’m only on one more episode! Later there is drama with Kimbella and someone else… I walked Kimbella off the edge, I was a mentor because she is a nice person, I don’t want her to lose her children or go to jail. I realize what she said was just bad timing at Emily’s party. But she is a likable person in real life. I don’t want that to happen to anyone, I’m just not cold hearted like that. Oh and back to this note to anyone though, I can forgive but if you bring s*** to me it’s on! But I’m not looking for it.

Did you know you were cut out of so much of this season of Love and Hip Hop?

Not at first, but I honestly am in such a good place, I am working on so many projects that it wasn’t until my fans got pissed that I realized how much I mattered to the show. I’m humbled by the love from the fans.

Maybe you don’t have enough drama going on?

Maybe my s*** is too together, I have a fabulous love life that is functional. Swift as you saw from the show has been nothing but great to me.  They showed none of our relationship! I guess it’s not dysfunctional enough. The sad part is women would have loved to see some positivity along with the drama and seen me find love! Women need to see if a woman like myself who has been through so much s*** and hard times can finally find a nice guy that treats me nice.  They have a chance!

Are you coming back for another season of Love and Hip Hop?

Ratings are good but…… I need to decide what I’m going to do because other TV projects that will respect and see the value in my story are scouting me. I’m excited no matter what I decide. I love TV.

What is your relationship with the other girls from the show like now?

Do not mistake what you see on TV to be real relationships! None of those girls reach out to me really. I like the girls regardless but truth is the ones that reach out off the show are: Mama Jones, Kimbella and Yandy once in a while. Emily now and then!

So, what’s going on with you now?

First of all I fired Maurice! After that everything fell into place.  I got my investor to commit. Not only did I get an investor but I negotiated a half a million dollar contract to a million dollar contract! That s*** is unheard of and I’m so proud of that. My fans and girls should have seen that. A woman taking care of business behind the scenes. I had to do a showcase to get the final commitment and I did it and had a major wardrobe malfunction! It was on the front page of entertainment weekly, AOL and Yahoo. I showed the show will always go on when I’m on stage!

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