Love & Hip Hop: Peter Gunz Admits Cheating For a Check [Video]

Rucuss staffNovember 1, 2013

Love & Hip Hop New York star Peter Gunz showed the world his true colors on the season premiere of the show.

Gunz is the New York’s version of Stevie J from the Atlanta spinoff show. Viewers were introduced to Gunz, his baby mama Tara Wallace and his artist Amina Buddafly. He lives with the mother of his two children, Tara, whom he’s dated for more than 13 years. However, he has an ongoing affair on the side with singer, Amina, who he also manages.

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Gunz, who had the hit Deja Vu in the 1990s, revealed in an interview with Sway on Shade 45’s Sway In the Morning that he let his business air on the show all for the sake of a check.

“I’ve always had a problem being loyal,” Gunz told Sway. “I was gonna get busted anyway…Let me get paid to get busted. F**k it.”

Peter, who was not wearing a wedding band for the interview, confessed that a big motivator for him to even join the cast of Love & Hip Hop was that he’s not as financially stable as he would like to be.

Gunz revealed that since his whole love life was about to be exposed, this would be a good opportunity to make some money off of the entire mess.

“Sh*t was gonna blow up anyway.” Peter said. “I was going to get busted. Why not get paid to get busted?”

Gunz said that although he could have fronted for the cameras, he wanted to be honest about his situation.

“I’m f*cked up out here,” Gunz said. “Last time I went to the ATM, that sh*t told me to get the f*ck outta here. I had one hit… when they called me about the show, I was 3 months behind the rent. As an old black man, I should be setting better examples.”

Watch Gunz entire interview below.


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