Love & Hip Hop New York: Consequence Smacks Joe Budden During Reunion Show, Budden Gets Revenge! [Video]

Rucuss staffMarch 13, 2013

There was plenty of drama during the taping of Love & Hip Hop New York’s reunion show.

The entire cast rehashed beefs and got into new feuds on Tuesday night at NEP Penn Studios in Manhattan. One beef in particular came to blows when Consequence hit Joe Budden’s head. The incident went down during a commercial break.

While Budden and Tahiry, who are back together, were on their way to take a smoke break, Consequence walked behind Joe and hit him in the head. Tahiry jumped in and clocked Cons in the head. Consequence was mad at Budden for comments he made about him in an interview.

Consequence bragged about the incident on Twitter.


New York DJ Funk Master Flex agreed with Budden. Flex posted the photo below with the caption: “Nigga Cons in here super pussy… Hitting niggas in the back of the head when they ain’t looking… Now he’s afraid to knuckle up with buddens!!! Really????”

Flex, later, tweeted Consequence got beat up after reunion show.

Budden then confirmed he had a fight with Cons.



Cons replied:



“@JoeBudden Y’all hit like bitches #straightlikethat Actually Tahiry hit me  harder nigga. I told the Police that I don’t press charges.”

Watch Budden beat Consequence up below.

Photos via Global Grind, EatingHip Hop and AllHipHop


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