Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: K. Michelle Talks About Abusive Relationship With Memphitz

Rucuss staffJune 20, 2012

Singer K. Michelle made some explosive allegations against Toya Wright’s husband Memphitz on the premiere episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Although she didn’t mention his name on the show, K. Michelle explained that her ex-boyfriend ‘beat her ass.’ K. Michelle, who has a seven-year old son, explained that she had a $2 million dollar record deal with Jive through a man she really loved but she was left with nothing. Memphitz was a Jive music executive at the time.

The 26-year old said that the man paid for her breast implants and bought jewelry for himself with her money. Her record deal eventually failed and she’s now in debt to Jive. K. Michelle talked with TT Torrez of IPower 92 and confirmed that she was talking about Memphitz but didn’t mention his name on the show out of respect.

K. Michelle explains that although Memphitz was abusive to her that he may be a different man with Toya, who is just celebrated his one-year anniversary with.

K. Michelle also issues a warning to Tamar Braxton who tweeted Toya during the premiere episode. The singer said Tamar ‘don’t want it with me.’ She calls her a muppet. Check out excerpts from the interview below.

On whether she was scared to talk about her relationship with Memphitz:

I wasn’t scared about that because you’re only scared when you’re lying and you only get scared when there aren’t any facts. His family still talks to me and they know the truth. For me, it was like, I still try to do it right and not be shady out of respect for Toya and the situation. I did not even say his name. I told my story without saying his name because I did not want it to be like ‘Oh K is throwing shade’ or ‘K is bitter’ no! He probably is a different man now. Different women bring out different things in men. I wasn’t the one to calm him. And I’m not mad at him or her but the one person I am mad at is Tamar Braxton, that muppet, she needs to have several seats.

On what Tamar did to upset her:

She was on Twitter last night [and] she deleted the tweets because she knows she doesn’t want it with [me]. She better stay over there with Family Values. She deleted the tweets because people were tweeting me what she said. She was saying to Toya ‘Oh have fun and let this girl sell her fairy tale’ and all I tweeted was that ‘I like Toni anyway,’ because I do. You know me, I don’t mess with anybody until they mess with me and I don’t play them little games. I’m from Memphis, we jump gates! We don’t play in them little games. So until the muppet gets it together she needs to stay away from me.

On why she did the show:

I wanted to use the show so that people can know [me]. When I was sitting with the producers, [I told them that] I wanted to focus on K as a person, K as a friend, you know throw some music in there but for my music that’s for me really to go out and push. So, there are some things that I am doing to get the music out there. I’ve got an EP coming out July 9th and that’s music that I am proud of. If I’m not writing from the inside the music isn’t going to work again.

On Mimi and Stevie J’s disfunctional relationship:

Honestly, that’s their real story. Yeah, no joke! Like that’s really their story. Honestly they do live like that. This is what they are going through and you know my heart goes out to Mimi. I’ve seen her hurt and I’ve seen her watch the first episode and be in shock. Let me tell you this about Mimi, one thing about Mimi is; she isn’t a punk. Mimi has been going through things with Stevie for [a longtime] they’ve been together for a really long time and I can’t say that I don’t feel sorry for her because I know what it’s like to be in love and except things and do things that you wouldn’t normally accept. So she is going to get tired of it when it is time for and her time might be longer than your tolerance. (I can’t even say my tolerance because I’ve stayed in relationships).

On how she feels about being compared to Keyshia Cole:

I like the comparison that I get to Keyshia [Cole]. That’s fine because she had something to say and me and her recently talked. And me and her are going to get on the phone today. People finally connected us. We really had a woman to woman conversation and she really opened up her arms to me. [We are not going to let people put us against one another] she’s telling her story and I’m telling my story.

Listen to interview below.


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