Love & Hip Hop: Erica Dixon, Shay ‘Buckeey’ Johnson Have Bloody Fight! [Details]

Rucuss staffApril 12, 2013

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars Erica Dixon and Shay ‘Buckeey’ Johnson got into a bloody fight during taping of the hit VH1 show.

Erica and Buckeey got into a heated argument that led to a fight during Karlie Redd’s hair line launch at a hair salon in Atlanta. Funky Dineva reports Erica and Buckeey got into a heated exchanged as soon as Shay arrived. It’s unclear why the two had a fight but many assume tis was over Erica’s fiance Lil Scrappy.

Funky Dineva reports:

Sources from Erika’s camp said that Shay was the instigator. I’ve talked to several key people who were at the salon and several of them stated that when it was all said and done, it looked as if Shay was the one that got beat up.

Folks said Shay’s hair was all messed up and she was indeed bleeding when it was all over. One source went on to say that after the fight, Shay was taken to a bathroom where she remained for about an hour while one of the stylists at the salon attempted to put her hair and face back together.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Erica Says Joseline Punched Her in the Jaw, She and Scrappy Split [Audio] claims that Erica sliced up Shay’s face with a razor blade, but both women  deny those allegations. However, Shay’s camp told Funky Dineva that she was winning the fight when Erica picked up a shiny object and hit her in the face with it.

Erica and Shay went on Twitter to give their versions of what happened.

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Check out a few photos from Redd’s hair launch below.






Watch the super trailer for season 2 below.

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta season 2 premieres at 8/7 p.m. central on April 22.

Photos via Instagram, Twitter, Funky Dineva and DTB Photography


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