Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tommie is Wanted For Fraud?!

Rucuss staffApril 11, 2016

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta newbie Tommie seems to have more problems than just being in a love triangle.

During the Season 5 premiere, fans are introduced to Atlanta newcomers, the King Family: Karen “KK” King and her sons, Scrapp and Sas. Scrapp is currently in a serious relationship with Tommie, but shares a three-yearold son with his ex-girlfriend, Tiarra.

Tommie quickly believes that Scrapp is sleeping with two. And she sets out to get proof. That appears to be Tommie’s storyline for the season. But there is more to Tommie than what it appears.

Fameolous got its hands on a scathing email about Tommie after the first episode. The emailer accuses Tommie of fraud and shows multiple mugshots of the reality star. Read the tea below:

I see you guys are pouring tea about all these clowns. Karen and Tommiee both are frauds. @tommiee_ use to work for Karen doing identity fraud. That’s how they are friends. Tbh her real name ain’t Tommiee. Tommiee real name is Atasha Jefferson. She is wanted right now in Minnesota for fraud case she caught with Karen King. And she paid for her ENTIRE plastic surgery procedure with someone else’s money and identity. The doctor who did it in Miami also pressed charges against her for stealing.

Her ass, teeth and lumpy stomach is all fake. Not sure how she think police ain’t gonna come get her after being on television. She ain’t got no money she got like 30 mugshots all from identity fraud and stealing 😭😭😭😭 We never known her to be tough only when she drinks because she a alcoholic. Not sure how Scrap baby mom let her win that fight. With her weak ass, because Tommie just got a loud mouth but she not known for beating bitches up. She usually get drunk talk shit then get beat up. (Ask around) Scrap other ex-girlfriend is the owner of Hair R Us her name is Khatyma (the dark skinned one) she beat Tommiee ass outside of platinum 21 one day. I saw with my own eyes (A strip club in Atlanta)
Scrap didn’t even really like her. He got a baby by tiara and this chick name erika her gram is @ebeauty404 he loves these two because they really get money and act like women. He dealt with her for the show and because she Karen friend.

Last tea, her picture is hanging in Rasheeda store at pressed because she scammed Rasheeda store! 😂😂😂 We think Rasheeda to scared to confront her about it . 😂😂😂 Karen is a complete fraud. She never beat anyone ass a day in her life she is known for fraud. That’s it! Like Tommie, her criminal history is identity theft. She manipulated her own son to beat the dad/step-dad up. NO and I repeat NO nigga in the street of Atlanta is scared of the King boys, Karen, or Tommie

Ask Tommie to take off make up and wig ������😂😂😂 she look like a crack head. And she got kids she don’t take care off. Two teenage daughters. She 32 not 28.

Check out alleged mugshots of Tommie below.



To be fair, we can’t confirm that Atasha Jefferson and Tommie are the same person.

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