Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star K. Michelle Says J.R. Smith Played Her [Video]

Rucuss staffFebruary 19, 2013

Love & Hip Hop star K. Michelle is no longer professing her love for New York Knicks star J.R. Smith.

K. Michelle claims Smith played her and she’s officially done with him. The reality star dished all the sordid details with The Breakfast Club Tuesday morning. K. Michelle was at the radio station to promote her concert at BB Kings (Tuesday) and her new album Rebellious Soul, but things quickly turned to love life.

K. Michelle revealed that Smith thought she leaked photos of them kissing to gossip blogs. He was alleged upset because that messed up his relationships with groupies. Check out a few excerpts from the interview below:

On J.R. Smith:

That whole album is about that boy. You know when dudes use us for c–chie, I use men for songs. Yeah man, he played me. I was in love. I was so open, I was ready to cook breakfast naked, sing songs. I was ready to sit down, like, I was very sincere. He sold me the dream.

On how she met Smith: 

We started to talk at first. J.R. is all about Twitter so he confessed his love over Twitter and he sent me flowers over Twitter. I was into it, too. He was so persistent and we started to talk.

On why they broke up the first time:

I was going through my angry black woman syndrome, it was real. It was a lot of nagging, it was a  lot of fussing, it was a lot of low self-esteem.[…]

We got into it so bad one night that he left me at the club. He left me at Kiss N’ Fly. I don’t know what was wrong with me that night. I was  drinking that night. My homegirl was with me and I was nagging the s–t out of  him. He was like, ‘I’m going to the bathroom,’ and never came back. I did miss him because he’s really funny, he’s fun. He’s really funny when he’s not emotional, like, he’s really fun.

On how they hooked back up:

I didn’t know anything about J.R. They were like, ‘Y’all would make a good couple.’ He came for me. I  genuinely liked him so we hooked back up. He played me. He wasn’t ever like, ‘We  in love,’ or none of that, but we spent a lot of time together. I’m not going to  lie on him, we didn’t have this commitment, but he would get mad at me and stop  talking to me every day.

My feelings weren’t in it until this last time where I really thought we were  making progress and we were doing fine. [Then] he got mad at me. Those pictures were on MediaTakeOut. He really thought  that I put the pictures out. It was cameras flashing everywhere. We in the club  kissing and showing out! So he really came at me and it really messed up a lot  of his groupies. He tried to throw some shots on Twitter and that for me was  when it was really over because I’ve really been a genuine woman towards you.  You wanted to hurt me. You were angry and upset and thought I had done something  to you. You didn’t even really think that didn’t make sense on my part. So,  you know, he’s probably now like, ‘Damn, I know she’s not like that.’

On falling so hard for Smith:

If I clean off your penis after sex, we go together. When I like someone, I’m very accommodating. I think that was my last. I really went hard when it came to  him and to be embarrassed like that, I’m just kind of done. I got a great album  out of it! I got all kinds of stories, y’all. But you know he told me that. We got into it and he said, ‘You can’t be mad! I gave you three albums!’[…]I have a lot of women that come up to me and they are like, ‘Man, I hate my boyfriend’ or ‘I hate my ex, thank you.’

On if she would date Smith again: 

I’m not doing that  because you purposely tried to hurt me. You can take them back if they cheat or  do little stuff like that. They all cheat. I’m not going to be delusional and  think they don’t. Especially in that field and things like that, but no, I’m not  going to take him back. [Not even for sex?] No. I figured I liked it, I’d love  it again, so I don’t even need for it to poke me again and take me back to that  place.

On her new boyfriend:

I’m not telling anything about that. I  give myself up enough. I have a friend […]He’s in the spotlight. I just don’t  want it to…and then you have to keep up with your body count too. Damn! How many  dudes you done had? And then they start counting them up.

Watch the entire interview below.


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