Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Scrappy and Stevie J Fight! [Video]

Rucuss staffJuly 10, 2012

Love & Hip Hop star Stevie J was finally confronted by Scrappy about disrespecting his girlfriend Erica Monday night.

The beef started when Stevie J called Erica a b*tch on the last episode of the show. Scrappy and Erica sat outside an Atlanta recording studio and waited for Stevie and that’s when all hell broke loose.

After Stevie exits the studio he immediately walks to Erica and apologizes for his comments. Erica didn’t accept his apology but Scrappy replied, “The only time I ever heard of you was VH1 Behind the scenes [Music] with Eve.”

Stevie’s side piece Joseline Hernandez interupts Scrappy and accuses Erica of sleeping with her man. The cameras didn’t allow the viewers to see who actually hit who first but once they showed the four again, the group was in the bushes rolling around.

The show’s security and costars’ friends broke the two screaming parties a part. It took a minute as Scrappy had a tight grip on Stevie while the producer had his jaws planted in his shoulders. Yeah, you read that correctly. Stevie was biting Scrappy.

Once the two men were pulled a part Stevie needed help walking away. But he apparently got his wind again because he planted a few good hits on Scrappy during round two of the tussle. The end result, Scrappy had a bloody mouth while Stevie had a bruise above his left eyebrow.

The girls have a recap of the fight and Erica says she needs a sit down with Joseline which can only mean more drama. Watch the fight below.

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Scrappy claims he put Stevie in the hospital after the fight. We’re not too sure about that but the rapper called into Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 and spoke to the Durtty Boyz about the fight. He also questioned his sexuality. Listen to his interview below.


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