Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Lil Scrappy Says Joseline Lifts Weights Like a Man, She Says He’s a Trick!

Rucuss staffJune 26, 2012

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Lil’ Scrappy is back in the spotlight after a stalled music career.

Scrappy, who put out his first album Bred 2 Win Born 2 Live in 2004 with Lil Jon’s BME, has struggled in recent years to release a hit song. But he’s hoping the popularity of the show will catapult him back into the music spotlight.

Scrappy visited Power 105.1 ‘The Breakfast Club to talk about the show and his love life. He talked about his failed relationship with former Atlanta rapper Diamond. Their relationship ended when he found out she was dating Soulja Boy via Twitter.

But Scrappy claims there is no beef with Soulja but he does admit he suffered a serious heartbreak. Now on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, which airs Mondays on VH1, he’s trying to rekindle the flame with his child’s mother, Erica Dixon.

The Breakfast Club then asked him if costar Joseline Hernandez was a man or a woman. Scrappy said he never met her and didn’t know. He even called her a ‘it’ and ‘wrestler Rick Flair’ during the interview. But he did reveal he saw Joseline lifting weights like a man.

DiaryofaHollywoodKing told Joseline what Scrappy said and she responded:

“I remember when Scrappy used to sell nickel and dime bags. The nerve of that guy. Scrappy used to come by my club and trick off his baby’s money on me.

Scrappy is a nobody, he’s using my name to stay relevant. That Nicca don’t even got a passport. He’s not international, Scrappy never left America.

Damn!!! Scrappy used to come in the club with Diamond to trick money off on me. Scrappy is a fucking liar, all his jewelry is fake.

When I go to the gym, all I do is cardio and squats. That Nicca Scrappy is jealous of Stevie J. He’s mad cause I’m with Stevie J. Scrappy is jealous bitch.“

Watch Scrappy’s interview below (he talks about Joseline at the eight-minute mark).


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