Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: K. Michelle Slaps MiMi Faust Backstage at Concert! [Details]

Rucuss staffFebruary 20, 2013

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star K. Michelle is causing plenty of drama on the set of the hit reality show.

K. Michelle and costar MiMi Faust got into an altercation backstage during her concert at B.B. Kings Blues Club and Grill in New York Tuesday night. A source told Jasmine Brand that while cameras were filming for the upcoming season the women get into a heated argument over comments K. Michelle made to the Power 105’s Breakfast Club earlier that day.

It was supposed to be a pleasant trip for MiMi and her friend Ariane Davis who came to New York to support K. Michelle. But things quickly turned south once they caught wind of her comments. K. Michelle told the radio crew she thought MiMi’s new boyfriend, Niko, was a down low brother. That didn’t sit too well with Faust and she charged K. Michelle up over it.

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In the end, Michelle grew tired of the yelling and slapped MiMi. The beef between K. Michelle and Niko began when the two argued on the set of his new music video. K. didn’t like that Mimi took Niko’s side during the argument.

This won’t be the only fight K. Michelle will be involved on the show. The singer got into an alleged altercation with costar Rasheeda two months ago. According to Funky Dineva, the two women got into an argument at MiMi’s housewarming party.

K. Michelle reached her boiling point during the dispute and allegedly threw a lit candle at Rasheeda. Several items in MiMi’s home were damaged from the incident. It’s unclear what the argument was about.


Next season’s show will most definitely have its share of drama. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is scheduled to air in April.

Photos via VH1


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