LMFAO Denies Breakup Rumors in New Video

Rucuss staffApril 25, 2012

LMFAO wants to put rumors of a feud to rest.

The Sexy and I Know It rappers released a YouTube video poking fun at reports that the two were breaking up. So to reassure fans that they will continue to coexist they hit the internet to address the rumors.

In the video, Sky Blu opens with some ‘Party Rock’ rapping, then stops to say how good he feels. Redfoo then enters the room and gives him a high-five and hug. Uncle Redfoo then clutches a copy of The New York Post in the clip, which reported on a rift between them.

“Did you see the stuff they wrote in The New York Post?” Redfoo asked Sky. “All the crazy stuff. Lemme read it to ya.” Redfoo says as Sky grabs for the paper.

Soon the two are fighting over the newspaper, shouting, “Everyday we tusslin’!” They turn the tug-of-war and tearing into a dance, after which Sky Blu says, “We’re going on tour, man, and I’m so excited!”

The video then turns from a denial of a conflict into a concert promotion, “Come tussle with us!”

Watch the video below.


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