LL Cool J Not Impressed With ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ Record Sales [Details]

Rucuss staffJuly 16, 2013

LL Cool J doesn’t have a problem with Samsung buying a million copies of Jay-Z’s album Magna Carta Holy Grail.

But LL wants to make it clear that there is a difference with Hova’s album sales, they were manufactured. Samsung gave the copies away for free by downloading a smartphone app. LL prefers if his fans bought his album over a company.

“Numbers are Numbers. In the numbers is truth, but in terms of touching the people it’s a little different,” LL Cool J told Revolt TV. “For me as an artist I still want to be able to touch the people individually. It still matters to me that people individually went out and bought my record. Although I still think a million sold is a million sold, but for me I like to know that a million PEOPLE bought my record, not a company bought a million copies of my record.”

Watch LL Cool J’s interview below.


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