LisaRaye McCoy Turns To Celibacy, Hopes To Avoid Shallow Men [Details]

Rucuss staffJuly 31, 2013

Single Ladies LisaRaye McCoy is all about sex appeal.

The former First Lady of Turks and Caicos made a name for herself when she starred as Diamond from Players Club. Since then, McCoy has been viewed as a sex symbol. She has been very open and honest about her love life, but has been tight-lipped about her rumored relationship with Pastor Bishop Noel Jones.

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Now McCoy is going a step further. McCoy revealed to that she’s refraining from engaging in sexual activity.

“I’m in a new place,” McCoy told CocoaFab. “I’ve tried everything but celibacy, and I really want to know what it feels like to be touched by someone with a mental touch and not a physical touch.”

McCoy added, “I want to know what it is to build the foundation of the friendship for real, to have my best friend and not because we’re just intimate, but because we’re mentally intimate. So I’m waiting for that person to come into my life. And when I get myself together, I know God is gonna bless me with that, because I don’t want to come with extra baggage. I’ll come with some, but it’s not fair to him to come with a whole bunch.”

The Chicago native says she sick of running into men who are caught up on her physical appearance.

“When men meet me, they’re in awe of the image,” McCoy said. “I’m so turned off by that. Automatically I’m like, ‘Boy move.’ You know what I mean? Baby, bye. Because now you’re not gonna give me a real chance because you’re like, ‘You do look good in person.’ It’s like, ‘OK.”

McCoy continues, “How many times can I say thank you? But you don’t know I can be a great friend? You don’t know I can cook. You don’t know that I’m a nurturer. You don’t know that I prefer to stay at home and watch a movie and pop my own popcorn. But because the image is the strong, confident woman that’s like, Bam! In your face. Ay, you ain’t giving me a chance automatically.’ So a lot of my guy friends I have to go: ‘A ha ha ha ha!’ the whole time. I can be a good friend. Hello!”

McCoy ended with, “So I want someone to know me, to learn me. I want to start dating the man that I’m gonna marry. I want to start having some fun with someone that I know I’m gonna be with. I don’t play any games. I’m too old for that. I’ve been there, I’ve been around the block. I’m cultured, I’ve done a lot of things. I’m famous. I have money. I am polished, you know what I mean? I am a woman and I need a man, not a boy. I don’t want to be a teacher. I’m not trying to be your mother, I want to be your significant other.”

The season 3 premiere of Singles Ladies is scheduled to be aired later this year.


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