Lil Wayne Says He’s the New Tupac, Claims to Have Slept With Chris Bosh’s Wife [Video]

Rucuss staffFebruary 18, 2013

Lil Wayne has a vendetta against the NBA and some players in the league.

After getting kicked out of a Miami Heat game last week, Weezy has been on a rampage. Tunechi went on an epic rant about the Heat, the NBA and his status in hip hop at a Beats by Dre concert this weekend.

Wayne claims he was banned from attending the All-Star Game in Houston on Sunday, by the request of the Heat organization. He bashed Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and even went so far with claims that he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne.

“If you’re wondering why you didn’t see me at the All Star Game. It’s because I was banned from attending all NBA events,” Lil Wayne told the crowd. “The Miami Heat got me banned. F*** NBA! F*** NBA! F*** Lebron! F*** SheWade! F*** Chris Bosh! And I f***ed Chris Bosh wife!”

Wayne then got the crowd to scream, ‘Eff the Miami Heat!’ Tunechi then adds, “I ain’t Tupac, I’m the new Pac.”

Lil Wayne Claims He Was Kicked Out of Miami Heat Game, Team Says He’s Lying [Details]

Watch Lil Wayne’s rant below.


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