Lil Wayne Launches Young Money Prepaid Discover Card

Rucuss staffNovember 14, 2011

Lil Wayne wants to get into your wallet.

No, he doesn’t want you to buy his latest album. Well, maybe he does but he also wants you to use his new credit card. The Young Money CEO has teamed up with ACCENT InterMedia to establish the Young Money Prepaid Discover card. The card will be for people who are seeking alternative ways of banking that requires no credit check. Russell Simmons has a similar card called the “Rush” card.

The card was developed by founder of Madison Strategic Integration Horace Madison and business manager for Lil Wayne and Young Money, along with credit specialist Buddy Smith.

“We’re excited about giving people who may not have access to traditional banking accounts the convenience of plastic,” Madison said in a statement. “Wayne wants to keep it simple and sleek, but load it with benefits that are meaningful to Young Money cardholders.”

The Young Money prepaid card boasts six fee types, including a $6.95 card purchase fee, along with a $3.95 monthly maintenance fee thereafter. There are also ATM withdrawal fees, lost/stolen card fee, statement fee and a reload fee.

We’re guessing Young Money and his partners will make boat loads of money with all the fees, geez! Make sure you read the fine print folks. If you’re interested in the Young Money Prepaid Card program, then go to A portion of the proceeds from every card sold will benefit Lil Wayne’s non-profit organization One Family Foundation and other charities.

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