Lil Wayne Introduces New Dance Called Throw That D-ck! [Video]

Rucuss staffJune 21, 2012

Lil Wayne doesn’t want to be known as just a rapper and entrepreneur.

The New Orleans native wants everyone to know he can dance too. The pint-size rapper stood onstage with his Trukfit hat, saggy shorts and white tank top and proceeded to show thousands of fans how to do a raunchy dance.

While Wayne was performing with his Young Money artist Lil Chuckee, he decided to debut his new dance called “Throw that D-ck.” The dance basically requires a man to stand in place while he thrusts his pelvis area, occasionally lifting his hand in the air and swatting it pretending to hit an imaginary backside.

Weezy looses some of his street cred with his fast-paced dancing. He’s already has some of his fans in an uproar wearing skinny jeans. Watch the dance below.


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