Lil Wayne Goes Off On Fans

Rucuss staffSeptember 12, 2011

Rapper Lil Wayne had enough at a concert in Omaha, Nebraska last week. Apparently he grew tired of a few fans screaming in the audience during his a capella version of his song “Nightmares on the Bottom.” The pint-size rapper, who loves to wear skinny jeans, decided to give his fans a piece of his mind.

“Shut the f*** up! Stop it, for real. If you were really a fan, you would shut the f*** up and listen to me. Really. Haven’t you noticed it’s like only two or three of yall doing that? Everybody else in the room is real f***ing fans. Thank you.”

Weezy must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day because he continued on with his rant after he finished up his song. He gave the screaming fans some future advice.

“Honestly, to the person I was screaming at when I was trying to talk. I wish that you would never buy another one of my albums again in your life. Cause see I take this sh** seriously. I mean every word I say, so when I ask you to be quiet and listen to me it is very rude to scream out some sh** while I’m trying to f***ing get a point across. So honestly, I don’t want you as a fan.”

He then told security that if they knew who it was to get them out of the crowd. Fans quickly pointed to the person who was making all of the noise. Check out the video. His first tirad begins at the 1:13 mark.




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