Lil Wayne Admits to Drinking Sizzurp

Rucuss staffOctober 11, 2011

For many years, Lil Wayne has carried around a white styrofoam cup on stage, at interviews and in his personal life.

Now the rapper is ready to reveal what the cup contained. In a recent documentary, Weezy reveals he drank a codeine-based drink, which is called “Sizzurp” on the streets. He claims he needed it to deal with his celebrity.

According to TMZ:

Lil Wayne is finally admitting he had a substance abuse problem — claiming he would frequently pound a codeine-based drink called sizzurp because he was “sick.”

Wayne just spilled his guts in a new documentary-style video shot by one of his friends — saying he first started drinking the stuff when he was a kid because one of his idols, Pimp C, would often rap about it.

But Weezy claims he relied on sizzurp as he became more famous — saying he needed the drink to help him cope with the pressure of being a celebrity.

Wayne insisted he quit using the stuff last year — and in the video he explains he no longer needs it because, “I’m not sick anymore.”

As for Pimp C — he died from an accidental sizzurp overdose in 2007.

Check out the video.

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