Lil Kim Unveils New Promo Picture In Anticipation of New Music

Johnnie WaltersDecember 26, 2011

Rapper Lil Kim has a lot in store for the new year.

The Queen Bee released a new promo photo on Christmas to create buzz for her upcoming EP. She’s also slated to reveal her new record label in January. Let the countdown begin.

In the new image, Kimmy Blanco wears a black Spring 2012 crystal, sheer leotard with fur ball embellishments, designed by The Blonds. Kim topped her look off with black shades, long weave and Christian Louboutin Splash Fur Platform Sandals.

Kim’s 5-track EP is scheduled to drop before the end of the year. Lil Kim tweeted,”I’m Coming!!!!!!!!” She’s been working with Timbaland, Rockwilder, and Wyclef Jean. She’s also eyeing collaborations with Bangladesh and Ryan Leslie.

Check out an interview she did at a New York nightclub a few weeks ago.

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