Lil Boosie Concert Scam Tricks Promoters Out Of $25K Each

Rucuss staffMarch 20, 2014

Lil Boosie wants promoters to be aware of a concert scam that promises his appearance without having any real connection to the rapper.

The scammer allegedly pretends to be Boosie’s brother TQ (who handles all of Boosie’s bookings in real life) and tricks agents into wiring him money in exchange for a promised appearance.

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According to TMZ, three promoters have already taken the bait and lost $25,000 each. TMZ reports:

Here’s how it happened — one of the alleged victims LaToya Thompson tells us, she came across a Boosie booking flier on Instagram recently and called the phone number. She says she was eventually put in touch with a man claiming to be Boosie’s brother TQ.

LaToya tells us, “TQ” instructed her to wire him $25,000 to book Boosie for a concert in April — and as soon as the money went through last week, “TQ” went AWOL.

The two other alleged victims tell the same story — one says he had booked Boosie for an appearance last week, and the rapper never showed. He says “TQ” also never responded to his phone calls.

LaToya sent us the contract — which lists a Giovany Productions as the company behind the bookings. We tried to get in touch with someone at Giovany but the phone numbers didn’t work.

Boosie is claiming innocence because Giovany Productions never got the greenlight to book him. His brother TQ is allegedly filing a police report against the thieves for pretending to be him.

Meanwhile, all four of Boosie’s baby mamas are shopping themselves to networks for a reality show.


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