Lighten Up For Spring, Plus Tips On How To Pack For A Getaway

Rucuss staffFebruary 21, 2014

No shades of gray here.

Look crisp and cool this spring season in Peter Millar’s signature style of vibrant hues of color, bold classic patterns with only the highest quality of materials. The 2014 Spring collection has plenty of fun, light-colored button down shirts for men to tunic dresses for women.

The women’s line also features plenty of cashmere pieces, crewneck sweaters, oxford knee shorts, printed skirts, and plenty of polo shirts to choose from. While the men’s collection features suede loafers, alligator belts, cashmere pieces, shorts, pants, waterproof jackets and much more.

Let’s get ready for Spring! That means plenty of weekend getaways or vacations. Peter Millar has put together a few tips to help you pack for whatever occasion. Check it out below.

Presented By Peter Millar

Hope these tips help. Just keep in mind to pack your luggage with core items. You need versatile pieces that you can rock regardless of any mishaps that might transpire during your weekend getaway.

Keep in mind a color scheme so that you won’t have to pack so many shoes. Remember your trip is about having fun and not about being uncomfortable the entire time.

Need help choosing the right pieces for your upcoming trip, go here.


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