Letoya Luckett’s Fans Are Fed Up, Fan Site Puts Her on Blast [Details]

Rucuss staffMay 1, 2012

Letoya Luckett needs to do a little damage control with her fans.

One of her biggest fan sites, Letoya News Network, will be shutting down because of a lack of support from the singer. In its final post, site administrator Common writes an open letter to Letoya expressing his frustration with the singer’s nonexistent presence with her fans.

Check out a few excerpts from the letter below:

Dear LeToya,

Most artists would kill to have a fanbase like yours. I don’t understand this reluctance to communicate with your fans. Break the barrier already! STOP this secrecy. You have (had?) DIE HARD fans, not every artist has that. But for some reason it feels like you neither respect nor appreciate them. You make us feel like we’re trash, like we don’t count. You have said hurtful things to fans I won’t mention here. You shouldn’t forget that you’re on our payroll and that without us fans there wouldn’t be a LeToya.”

You don’t understand how the new music industry works. Your mindset is still very old school. You always leave fans in the dark. As a result you’re losing them by the minute.

I appreciate you releasing a few webepisodes here and there but seeing that in 3 years recording you still haven’t found a hit song is worrisome. Ask Rihanna how long it takes her to record her albums and get these catchy hooks you’re looking for.

It seems like you “think” you’re doing the right things. Cool you have a few collabs leaking here and there, you tweet, have a few ustream, released that webserie . So you really believe that this is enough to keep us fans happy. WRONG.

I absolutely don’t give a F about Smooth Touch, I don’t care about Gospel plays, I don’t care about any of the acting. I wanted MUSIC and most importantly for some unknown reason I wanted to witness you being successful at it. It’s not just that I want to have more tracks from you. It’s that I want to see you enjoy success like a Drake or a Keri Hilson because I know you deserve it so much. I KNOW you can be at that level. A lot of the media are just snubbing you and I wanted to see this reversed. I wanted to see you EVERYWHERE. See your face and be proud of you! You’ve got the charisma, uniqueness,  nerve and talent to be the next Superstar. I wanted to be able to tell people “See! I’ve been rooting for her for so long and she finally made it HUGE! I knew it all along!”

I am tired of all the lies and the non existent communication from you. I see you got your new little twitter friends but how about you acknowledge the real people that’s been there for you since day one? Those who been moving mountains for you.

Anyway when your album comes out, if ever, I’ll definitely download it on rapidshare. I’ll enjoy it but no more me buying hundreds of them and selling them around for you…

You just lost one of your greatest stan. PS: If you don’t address this, it will be the proof to me that you don’t give a damn about your fans.

Letoya, he made some good points. You better straighten things out with your fans!


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