Lebron James Wears Skinny Jeans and Carries a Man Purse to Game [Photos]

Rucuss staffMarch 5, 2012

Miami Heat’s Lebron James and Dwyane Wade arrived to the Staples Center in their best Miami Vice gear.

Remember that television show? It centered around two detectives who wore fitted summer-colored clothing while they fought criminals. James and Wade have stuck to this motif the entire season.

On Sunday, James took it up a notch when he was spotted walking through the Staple Center tunnel with a murse. Its a term used for men who carry a purse. James, who wore a beige blazer over a purple shirt and fitted/skinny jeans looked cool and collective as he carried his man purse.

James passed on a larger size bag like his teammate Wade. No, he wanted something fashionable and cute. His murse gained plenty of attention, along with a few laughs. And with good reason, James is a 6-foot-8 grown man carrying a purse, YIKES!

That thing is too small to be a satchel and it’s too big to be labeled a toiletry holder. It’s either a tote or a purse. Lebron may not have a clutch gene to shoot game winning shots, but he doesn’t mind wearing a clutch.


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