Lebron James Plays Catch With Fan During Win Over Los Angeles Clippers [Video]

Rucuss staffFebruary 9, 2013

Miami Heat star Lebron James had a stellar performance against the Los Clippers Friday night.

James is the first player to score 30 points on just 11 shots this season. It was a milestone for James who had never achieved such a feat. James led the Heat to a 111-89 victory.

His performance appeared to put him in a good mood. James had an impromptu game of catch with a fan who was wearing his replica jersey. After a ball went into the stands in the second quarter, ta fan caught the ball and threw a light pass to James. The Heat star threw it back and made him pass it again.

The happy fan obliged. The crowd erupted in cheers. The fan, whose name is Adolfo, said playing catch with James was the best moment of his life.

“Ever! In my life!,” Adolfo said. “This is the most exciting thing I’ve ever lived in my life.”

Adolfo Heat fan

It was Adolfo’s night. Not only did he get to play catch with James, he was named the Heat Fan of the Game and awarded a $300 gift certificate to Party City.

Watch the James and Adolfo interact below.

Watch Adolfo talk about the memorable moment.


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