Laurieann Gibson Speaks Out on Split With Lady Gaga

Rucuss staffNovember 18, 2011

It’s no secret that Laurieann Gibson is no longer working with Lady Gaga.

Gaga let the world know about the split on Twitter and Gibson later acknowledged it as well. The jury is still out on what happened between the two but the fact of the matter is, Gibson is out and her former assistant Richard Jackson is Gaga’s new choreographer.

Lady Gaga Fires Laurieann Gibson As Her Choreographer

Although some have speculated that Gibson was fired, she released a statement to The Hollywood Reporter that says otherwise. Gibson claims it was her decision to walk away.

“I am fulfilled with the work I have done with choreographing all of the iconic moves, creative directing the artist, appearances, shows, directing the tour, music videos, and the HBO Monster Ball, which was a culmination of my work as its creator and director.

Recently, Lady Gaga was motivated to take the helm of the creative direction of her career and as such I decided to step away. I am extremely proud of her, and in stepping away I wish her all the best. I look forward to continuing my work with notable artists, as well as new artists that are part of my Interscope Records deal, and the upcoming seasons of my TV shows.”

It was previously reported that Gibson and GaGa ended their professional relationship because the two continued to have creative differences. The fallout allegedly started when they did “Judas” music video and things continued to downward spiral on other projects.

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