Lamborghini Debuts New SUV Called Urus [Photos/Video]

Rucuss staffApril 23, 2012

Lamborghini wants to get into the truck business.

The sports car company unveiled its first SUV in 20 years called the Urus at the Beijing Motor Show on Sunday. But make no mistake the Urus is a totally different SUV compared to Lamborghini’s first model the LM002 or ‘Rambo Lambo’ as some called during the 80s-era. Lamborghini only managed to sell around 300 LM002s before it stopped production in 1992.

The Urus a concept SUV and there are no plans to put it into production. But if the world-wide reaction is anywhere near how the car was received at the motor show than expect to see the SUV for sale in 2016. Early estimates suggest the price tag will be $200,000.

The Urus, which has a 600 horsepower engine, is a five door hatchback with four seats, a right-sized luggage compartment and a touchscreen entertainment system. It goes from 0-62 mph in four seconds.

Check out photos of the car below.

This Lamborghini SUV Urus Concept was unveiled at the Beijing auto show. It won't see the light of day before 2016 - if then.







Watch the video below.


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