Lamar Odom is Not Missing, Dealing With Drug Problem! [Details]

Rucuss staffAugust 26, 2013

NBA free agent Lamar Odom has been laying low in a hotel room.

As it turns out, Odom’s wife knows where he is contrary to previous reports that he had been missing for several days. ESPN reported on Monday that Odom is in a Los Angeles hotel room where friends are trying to get him help for an “unspecified drug problem.”

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Odom’s agent Jeff Schwartz denied a TMZ report that claimed nobody was able to reach Odom for 72 hours. He said, “Lamar is not missing. His wife knows exactly where he is.”

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Schwartz also told ESPN that Odom still has plans to continue his NBA career. Odom played last season with the Los Angeles Clippers and is currently a free agent. But his plans to play on the hardwood next season could be in jeopardy after reports have surfaced that he is allegedly addicted to drugs.

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A report about Odom’s alleged drug problem first emerged on Friday night. TMZ said that Odom was allegedly addicted to crack cocaine while Radar Online said his drug of choice was OxyContin and Ambien. The drug issue was cited as the reason for Odom’s marital problems with Khloe.

Odom was kicked out of the house by Khloe last week when he allegedly rejected a family intervention.


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