LaLa Anthony Rocks a Kmart Dress With Christian Louboutins [Photos]

Rucuss staffApril 3, 2012

LaLa Antony proves that you don’t have to wear the most expensive clothes to look good.

Anthony was spotted in a dress from Kmart. Yes, you read that correctly. Carmelo Anthony’s wife may have plenty of money at her disposal, but she opted for a Kmart Attention Tunnel Belt Dress that costs $17.49. The dress is actually on sale until April 7th. Its original price tag is $24.99.

But LaLa didn’t stay with the same inexpensive motif with her footwear. Anthony chose to wear her favorite $995 Christian Louboutin Summerissima Sandals. Those sandals more than makes up for the price of the dress.

The dress is detailed with geometric pattern, flutter sleeves and a tunnel belt.

If you ever wanted to dress like LaLa but didn’t quite have the money, here’s your chance. Go to and buy a dress!


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