Kris Humphries Wants An Annulment, Says He Was Just a Pawn

Rucuss staffDecember 1, 2011

Kris Humphries has finally realized the ugly truth.

The NBA player knows he was just a pawn. Humphries filed for an annulment to his 72-day bride Kim Kardashian on Wednesday. He wants an annulment based on fraud. Humphries believes he “was just slotted in the plot line of Kim Kardashian’s latest headline and newest business venture,” TMZ reports.

TMZ reports:

We’re told Kris believes Kim never intended to stay married to him, but needed a groom to fuel ratings for her show. One source says, “Once they were finished taping, she just didn’t need a groom anymore.”

Kris is telling people he feels like a pawn in the game.

And, we’re told, Kris is outraged by people who think he was in on the wedding scam — according to one friend, “He would have never flown in his childhood pastor to marry them and involve his church.”

Finally, Kris feels Kim’s own statement that she posted on her blog is a smoking gun … specifically, “I felt like I was on a fast roller coaster and couldn’t get off when now I know I probably should have. I got caught up in the hoopla and the filming of the TV show.”

Meanwhile, Kardashian claims she initially wanted an annulment but filed for divorce after being told it was her only legal option.

Humphries has had to deal with plenty of rumors lately. But he usually takes the high road with responding to every accusation. But he did respond to a rumor Star Magazine reported, with the headline “Kim’s Bombshell: KRIS IS GAY!”

Star claims Humphries wouldn’t touch her after the honeymoon and he is now vowing to destroy the Kardashians. The New York Post ran a statement from Humphries publicist that said the allegations from Star Magazine’s story are “completely false and ridiculous. He is not gay.”

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