Kris Humphries Does His First Interview, Says He’s Ready to Move Forward

Rucuss staffDecember 9, 2011

NBA free agent Kris Humphries has come out of hiding.

Humphries did his first interview with his mother Debra by his side on ABC’s Good Morning America. Humphries didn’t bash his wife. He tried to keep the conversation neutral, focusing the discussion on the NBA season. Humphries declined to say whether or not he still loves Kardashian. Humphries, who had plenty of blank stares in the interview, felt ambushed by the Kardashian questions, TMZ reports.

Humphries was married to reality star Kim Kardashian for 72 days before she filed for divorce. Humphries, who was reportedly blindsided by the news, filed for an annulment instead of a divorce citing it as a “fraud” marriage.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

On how basketball has helped him:

“For me, it’s just certain things happen in life and you’ve got to move  forward. Through everything I’m just focused on family and preparing for basketball.  Basketball has always been something I’ve taken really serious and I continue to do that and I’m just moving forward.”

Kris spoke out on how he feels about critics:

“I’m focused on just what I can control. I don’t really play into all the gossip and things that take place, but that’s life.”

On whether he thinks the presence of cameras ruined his marriage:

“I can’t say for sure or not for sure. It’s the only time I’ve been married. I’ve been in the NBA since I was 19 years old, but it’s a different level.”

On whether he watches himself on the show:

“The only things I watch on TV of myself is playing basketball. I’ve never really been one to watch the show on TV. For me my focus is just basketball, my foundation, my family and moving through life.”

The night before his interview Humphries was spotted with a mystery woman in New York. The two dined at Benjamin Steakhouse. No word on whether the woman was a relative or a new love interest.

Kris Humphries

Check out the video below.

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