K. Michelle On Lance Stephenson: ‘He Needs To Be 23 And Slang D**k!’

Rucuss staffOctober 29, 2013

Love & Hip Hop star K. Michelle is finally revealing why she and Indiana Pacers star Lance Stephenson broke up.

The reality star announced the news on Twitter at the beginning of the month after Stephenson allegedly posted a photo of himself on Instagram, which showed his baby mama in his bed in the background.

In a recent interview, K. Michelle goes into further detail about the split.

“He’s cool, he’s a sweetheart,” K. Michelle said about Stephenson on the Skorpion Show. “It’s good, it’s whatever. When you mentally have other issues going on, (I’m talking about me) it’s very hard to get into a new relationship. I just feel like there was a big age gap in that situation and….I’m just a handful. I know I’m a lot.”

Michelle added, “And to ask a 23-year-old to understand this job too…and being 23, trying to date somebody you never dated…an artist or things like that. Then you’re in the NBA and you want to sling d*ck and be 23 and…I’m not having it. So, he needs to go be 23 and sling pe**s.”

K. Michelle also talks about beef with Tamar Braxton and what she looks for in a man. Watch her full interview below.


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