Kirko Bangz Puts Groupies on Blast For Stealing His Money! [Photo]

Rucuss staffMarch 4, 2013

Rapper Kirko Bangz had a bad experience with two groupies while in California.

Bangz, who was in the state for a show, allegedly partied with two women that stole some money from him. But instead of calling the police to report the theft, the Keep It Trill rapper decided to put the women on blast on Instagram.

Bangz posted the photo below with the caption: “Anybody know these h*es? They stole some bread from me in Cali if this ya sister cousin mama or daughter tell her buy ya a burger or something.”

Kirko Bangs Groupies

The Houston, Texas rapper catapulted into the spotlight in 2011 with his first single What Yo Name Iz. Bangz, who attends Prarie View A&M, did a remix with Big Sean, Wale and Bun B that received plenty of fanfare before his hottest hit to date, Drank in My Cup, was released.

Hey Bangz! Rule No. 1, never leave your money or jewelry around groupies. Dam shame! Watch Bangz new video for his song Keep It Trill below.

Photos via Instagram and BET


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