Kimbella Says Editing Is A Bitch, She Doesn’t Want to Give Fabolous 15 Minutes of Fame

Rucuss staffNovember 15, 2011

Chrissy Lampkin’s sucka-punch was felt around the world.

After Kimbella told Emily she dated Fabolous while she was pregnant during the season 2 premiere of Love and Hip Monday night, a throw-down of epic proportions followed. Well, not really but it was a good cat fight to see. Although Emily took the news of the relationship well, Chrissy had a problem with it. She didn’t quite digest the news well and it showed.

Chrissy took up for Emily and scolded Kimbella about the relationship. Both ladies had a short war of words before Chrissy jumped up from the couch and sucka punched Kimbella. The punch followed by a few kicks by both women. Kimbella was on the floor so her kicks didn’t quite land the same way as Chrissy’s did. But Kimbella did manage to pull out Chrissy’s weave track.

GlobalGrind caught up with Kimbella before season 2 aired and she talked openly about the fight, Fabolous and her career.

GlobalGrind: The preview for season two starts off with a fight between you and  Chrissy when you told Emily that you dated Fabolous. How did you meet Fab? How  did you first get involved with him?

Oh wow. I don’t want to give any detail on Fab. I don’t want to give him any  15 minutes of fame. I’m in a really happy relationship. But that’s really what  it is. I dated him. That’s it. There’s nothing else to say. I admitted it on  national TV.

Did you know about Emily?

No, I didn’t. If I knew, I wouldn’t have f*cked with him. I wouldn’t deal  with him. I just want you guys to tune in on Monday, every Monday, and you guys  will see for yourself exactly what happened, why it happened, how it happened,  and the outcome from everything and the aftermath.

So how’d you feel when the first view that people are seeing of you  on the show is you getting into this fight with Chrissy?

That was in the supertrailer. Once you guys tune in on Monday, it’ll be a  full one hour episode, and you’ll see a lot of different things happening. That  was a big situation that did happen unfortunately. But of course I didn’t expect  for that to happen because she was so close to being in my family because of  Juelz and Jim’s relationship. Editing is a bitch. So I wasn’t happy with it at  all. I’m going to just chill until I see the first episode.

You said that Chrissy was almost like a member of your family. Did  you guys have any bad blood before the show?

Me and Chrissy knew of each other because Jim is her man and Juelz is mine.  We just met each other on the show pretty much. I thought that we would have  some type of a sisterhood, really. My whole reason for coming to meet the women  was to try to have some type of unity and try to hold everyone together because  we are all going through the same thing. There’s nothing hidden about that. We  are basically hip-hop wives. It’s a struggle. I keep it real and I feel like  that’s what everyone needs to do.

Tell us a little bit about how you got involved with the show.

Kimbella: I was scouted by Vh1. They were looking for  someone extreme. I have a relationship with Juelz Santana and we have a child  together. So we have a really nice family. With my stuff that’s going on, I’m  transitioning from modeling into singing and acting. I’m building my Bella  brand. So it made me a good character for the show.

Would you describe yourself as being an extreme person?

An extreme person? I could be. I could be really cool and laid back. Or I  could be a bombshell. So I would say I’m an extremist. Yes.

What else do you have on your radar outside of Love &  Hip-Hop?

I’m launching my pop career. I’m in the studio recording as we speak, so I’m  super excited about that. Besides that, I’m also launching a Bella brand.  Basically that’s gonna be a line of watches, t-shirts, and starting off maybe  going into a clothing line and accessories and things of that sort. I do have an  eye for style, so I think a lot of women out there will be excited to see what I  have in store.

Can you tell us a little bit about your relationship with Juelz? Are you two currently together?

Yeah. We’ve been together since you guys have known of us being together.  Yes, we are happily together. Our son is 14 months. I have another child who’s  nine. So we have one big happy family. It’s really good.

How is he as a dad? Is he one of those play ball on the lawn type  dads?

Yes he is, it’s really funny. You know him as this rap artist, hardcore. But  really with his kids, it’s like he’s in awe all day, all night with his kids.  It’s really nice to see that different side of him all the time. I don’t see him  as Juelz Santana. I see him as a father and as my man.

How did you start out modeling?

I really got started back in 2003, but I didn’t launch out into becoming a  professional model until 2009 when I was first published in Smooth magazine. And  that’s where it really lifted off from.

Do you have any highlights during your career as a  model?

I’ve done more than a handful of videos. I wasn’t really big on doing videos.  For one, they were long hours and the money wasn’t enough even if you’re doing  14 hours a day for a video. I just pursued doing print work, meaning being on  the covers of Black Men’s Magazine and being featured in XXL and Gorgeous and  Urban Ink – all of the men’s magazines I was featured in. From there I met  Juelz, so I slowed down a little bit. I wanted to focus on building a  relationship with him and also I did want to transition from that to acting,  which I’m actually doing now. I’m transitioning into becoming a pop artist and  also acting and building my Bella brand.

Check out the fight below.

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