Kim Zolciak Lied About Buying Mansion, Landlord Wants Her Out! [Details]

Rucuss staffJune 4, 2012

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak has gained another enemy.

Ever since the last episode of her spinoff show Don’t Be Tardy For the Wedding aired, Zolciak and her landlord and former friend Kendra Davis have not seen eye-to-eye. During the show, Kim said Kendra’s husband Antonio Davis was stalking her for payment of his wife’s interior decorating work. The mother of three with one on the way claimed that the Davis’ was trying to ruin her wedding.

Once Davis heard about the show, she quickly went on Twitter to set the record straight. Kendra explained that the reason her husband showed up to the estate before the wedding was because of concerns about the liability of the construction and holding such a large event on their property.

Apparently, the Davis’ found out about the wedding being held on their property when they received their invitation. Antonio wanted to inspect the estate because holding a big event was not part of the original lease agreement when they rented Kim the home.

After the episode, Kendra tweeted:

@Kimzolciak Someone just told me you said I should be thankful for YOU becuz my house looks so much better with YOUR stuff! Really? #comedy kendra davis kendra davis ‏@IAmKendraDavis

@kimzolciak You earned ur notoriety bragging that you live a lifestyle someone else paid for. I’m not your Big Mama! #Beclear kendra davis kendra davis ‏@IAmKendraDavis

@lovelylady20122 NO. They did NOT buy my house! kendra davis kendra davis ‏@IAmKendraDavis@lovelylady20122 she is being sued and put out! Thanks for the legal advice! Gotta love #groupies

@kimzolciak how bout I tweet the real photo op of you and your crew retrieving your belongings off the curb?

@kimzolciak I just heard about your comments! You have 48 hrs! Don’t make me really put you on blast! You know I’m not kidding!

Kim is caught lying once again. If you recall during the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show, Kim told Andy Cohen that they were in the process of buying the home. Kendra denied the purchase on Twitter. TamaraTattles did a little research herself and property records show the mansion is still in the Davis’ name.

Kendra made it clear on Twitter that the Biermanns were never in negotiations to buy the home. According to TamaraTattles, their lease ended May 31 and they are paying month-to-month.

Kendra has reached her boiling point about the feud and now wants the reality star out in 48 hours. But in the real world, it’s not that easy. There are certain legal steps to take to evict someone. But we’re guessing it won’t be long before Kim and Kroy have to move.


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