Kim Kardashian Places Herself on Worse Dressed List! [Details]

Rucuss staffOctober 17, 2012

Reality star Kim Kardashian used to be one of the best dressed in Hollywood.

But those days are long gone, and Kim knows it. Ever since she handed over styling duties to her boyfriend Kanye West, Kim has torpedoed to rock bottom in the fashion world. No longer are fashion experts praising her sense of style. Nowadays, they are bashing Kim for her choice in clothing.

And Kim has even jumped on the bandwagon.

Kim called her on self out for wearing an ill-fitted outfit in Miami last week. She was spotted in an Eddy yellow suede jacket from Acne, a leather skirt and a pair of black cage sandals.

Another Fire Your Stylist Moment: Kim Kardashian [Photos]

Kim claims she didn’t realize how ridiculous she looked at the time. But once she saw the photos she owned up to the fashion faux pas. Kim posted on her blog:

Ok, ok, I am putting myself on the worst dress list for this outfit!

I wanted a little color while I’m living in Miami, so my intentions were good, but the cut isn’t for me! You definitely need to be taller and thinner to pull this jacket style off!

Fashion is all about experimenting to try and find your style and you have some hits and misses along the way. The mirror was lying to me this day! Where were my sisters or my boyfriend when I needed a good opinion?! LOL

Well, at least she realizes that she won’t get it right every time. But little does she know, she’s failed miserably more often than she thinks.

Kim, fire your stylist immediately!


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