Kim Kardashian Cooks Soul Food For Kanye, Gets Laser Hair Removal Together [Photos]

Peaches GrantJune 29, 2012

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are keeping the paparazzi on their toes in Los Angeles.

Now that Kanye is back in America after touring overseas, the couple have been seen all over Hollywood. The power duo was spotted at Laser Away Hair & Tattoo Removal shop in Santa Monica on Thursday. We’re not sure if Kanye was there to receive treatment but we’re almost certain Kim was getting serviced.

It’s no secret that Kim wants to keep as much of her body hairless as she can. It was nice of Kanye to tag along for her appointment.

Later that night, Kim tweeted a photo of a Hermes plate with fried chicken, cornbread and mac & cheese that she cooked for Kanye with the caption, “Cooking some soul food for my baby!….Luxury chef…the Hermes of soul food.”

Despite her hectic schedule through the years, Kim has always took time out to cook for her men. Her former boyfriend, Reggie Bush, even gushed about her soul food cooking to Ok magazine a few years ago.

“We were kind of dating and she said, ‘I can kind of cook good,’ Bush told OK!. “She’s the first girl that’s ever cooked a meal for me. That’s honestly how she got me – with the food! She cooked one of my favorite meals, corn bread, macaroni and cheese, candy yams and fried chicken and it was ridiculously good. I was already stunned by how beautiful she is and then when she cooked the meal for me. And she’s pretty too, it’s done. You can’t ask for much more.”

Could this be how Kim lures her men in, hmm…


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